The Memory Chef

She’d become absent-minded, tossing clean, wet laundry back into the washer instead of the dryer. Standing stock still in the kitchen in the middle of making the coffee, while her husband, late for work and blocked from access to the refrigerator, scowled at her impatiently. His irritation rose off of her like steam from the […]

One Night, Early July

This, he does not say — No matter, it’s clear, in the way He spreads his arms, expansive, Proprietary of the mountain, the Blackening sky, its winking stars, We dreamed it then, the Boys, tender in sleep, tangled in Limb, lanky in form, foreheads Marked only by sweat and dirt (Achieved honorably enough), oblivious To […]

In My Night Kitchen

Split it to the core. It’s messy. Seeds and pulp fly out, wet, Rude. They stain your shirt, The pesky messengers. I did not ask for the nightly Shades to visit, just when my Fractious eyes succumbed. A cheap shot. I must protest. Last night I held a pliant body: Female, ninety-one, and freshly Washed. […]