Scattering You Home

To the wilderness you were born; To the wilderness you shall return. Opening eyes you saw not light, nor shadow, But the blossoming intricacy of a trunk Bifurcating into branch, then twig, even that The home to some creature small and great. What you first heard was not a mama’s hush But the whisperings of […]

What Fifteen Brings

He is fifteen now. He is fifteen now, and I am upping the ante. For your birthday present, I grin, I will be teaching you to do your own laundry. He snorts: Some birthday present. But I am not joking. Oh, sure, I’ll wait a few weeks, but this teen will be washing, drying, and […]

Valvoline Man

I start to pull in to one of the bays at Valvoline as I check my watch. It’s all about time these days. There’s never enough. I calculate. Will I be able to have the oil changed before my kids get home from school? I decide that yes, I will, although it will be tight, […]

Aaron Copland’s Town

At the symphony I feel young. White-haired ladies and gents Advanced enough almost to admire My brazenly antiquated appellation, Tap and nod and drum and tap To the beat of these old familiars. “I don’t remember this part,” A wife frowns to her husband, And I imagine them in 1940 At the premiere of this […]


In the beginning there was a leaf, red, orange, or yellow. Or perhaps it was red, orange, and yellow. Why not? And the leaf fluttered across one pane of the brilliant September sky. In this roundabout way it descended. Doing its dreamy dance it reached a patch of grass. When it arrived and settled on […]

The Formative Days

“Darling, I don’t want to worry you,” she said. Could one inspire any more worry than by uttering a sentence like that? I let my fingers drift idly over my belly, my cantaloupe belly, firm and round with Ten. I was seven months pregnant. The woman who’d be a first-time grandmother in just a few […]